The Port City Princess has been family owned and operated for 30 years.

Ralph Precious (Dad) was known for getting a wild hair of an idea. 
Don't even ask us about the time he tried to build a tugboat in our basement. 

So when he came home one day about 31 years ago 
and gleefully announced that he wanted to buy a cruise ship,
Sylvia (that would be Mom), rightfully rolled her eyes. 

Dad was the idea guy. 
Mom knew she would inevitably be the one to handle the details. 
But buy the ship they did. 

Ralph got his captain's license as did Randy Precious the oldest of we five kids. 
Sylvia did in fact become the backbone of the business. 

Our beloved Port City Princess has been with us for so long 
that every single grandkid has grown up working on the ship. 

Ellen Sease, captain, deckhand, cook and all-around-everything, 
has been with The Princess for decades now. 

Dad passed on in 2003. 
At 85 years old Mom continues to run the ship with a lively step.

Come help us celebrate our 30th year running this all-family business. 

(and the fact we didn't kill each other along the way). 

Captain Ralph & Sylvia Precious
Founders / Owners